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Doggy Portable Drinking Water Bottle
Doggy Portable Drinking Water Bottle

Doggy Portable Drinking Water Bottle

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Use Doggy portable drinking water bottles and bowls to ensure that your best friend stays healthy and hydrated during your next adventure . Whether it's hiking all day, spending an afternoon on the beach, or just traveling to the park, this is the perfect accessory for your canine companion . Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl connected at the top, drink a glass of fresh, cool water for your puppy, and then drain the remaining water back into the bottle for later enjoyment. Slip on the convenient strap comfortably on your wrist or attach to your bag for hands-free exploration.           

Doggy portable drinking water bottles and bowls are available in three colors for you to choose: pink, blue or brown


  • In the first and only one-handed pet hydration system, use fresh, clean water to keep your canine partner healthy and hydrated .  
  • Squeeze the 20-ounce bottle and fill the accompanying bowl with water; when he finishes drinking, relax your hands and the remaining water will return to the bottle.
  • The innovative and thoughtful design fits most bicycles and car cup holders and is convenient for storage when traveling. 
  • The detachable Velcro strap can be used as a convenient hand strap or to fix the bottle on the packaging; it also includes a loop for attaching the carabiner.